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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

ATF v9.70

ATF v9.70

  • Added "Create ENO FPSX" button in 'Read Flash' tab which will allow you to extract ENO Blocks from FLASH DUMPS made by ATF Software. The resulting ENO File will be in Plain FPSX format and can be used on phones which have the same ROOT_KEY_HASH as the original FLASH DUMP.
  • SD Card Password BF Unlock now supports Customized MASK Files so you can make your own MASK files using any Unicode 16-Bit (2 bytes) characters. This will allow you to BruteForce NON-ENGLISH/LATIN characters. More info about Unicode here:
  • Updated Lumia 505 RM-923 Repair Boot Files
  • Uploaded Lumia 505 RM-923 Test Point Pictures
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Lumia 505 RM-923 detection as Windows 7.8 Phone
  • Fixed Lumia Custom eMMC Read/Write file handler
  • Fixed Lumia eMMC Direct Drive Number Detection
  • Other Stuff
  • Complete Variant Listing for Lumia Win7 and Win8 Phones
  • Complete Product Listing in Nokia.ini

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