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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Infinity Box BEST v1.55

Infinity Box BEST v1.55

  • USB Flashing Improved
  • USB loaders updated
  • Maemo/MeeGo error handling improved
  • XG223 platform flashing support added
  • Dead flashing and Normal Flashing supported
  • MMC flashing supported (sd card)
  • XG223 RPL operations supported
  • CRT read added (NPC/CCC/HWC)
  • Simlock and e.t.c. backup and writing (SLD/CMLA)
  • XG223 Service Features supported
  • LifeTimer edit supported (Read/Write/Reset LifeTime data)
  • PM,PP read/Write , ASK reading, Product Code edit supported
  • SelfTest/Keyboard tests/ADC/FunLablel and other features suported as well
  • XG223 User Data features supported
  • Nokia again was have fun with UserData part
  • PhoneBook Backup/Restore/Extraction supported
  • PhoneBook Cross-Writing Between XG223-XG213-BB5 S40 supported
  • User Gallery backup supported
  • MMC password read supported
  • SMS/MMS read , SMS/MMS Restore supported
  • Calendar/Events/ToDo extraction, backup, restore supported
  • Other
  • Added new XP7x products (Lumia 510/510C)
  • S60 Forensic mode improved
  • RPL read operation revised for all supported platforms
  • Flash Files Check for XG223 activated
  • Language Info extraction added for XG223 (PPM file)
  • Some small bugfixes
  • Stuff Files updated
  • WP7x Wipe files updated
  • Ini updated

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