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Monday, 28 May 2012

all huawei and zte dongal unlocking

huawei modem unlock for those who dont know where to enter the code

where to input unlock code?
some huawei locked models don’t prompt for code even when you insert an unauthorized Sim into it. so here is an easier way to unlock it and that too  free. dear friends after my first post on unlocking some guys using huawei e 173 u-1 from airtel incurred this problem. so here it is. how to do it in the simplest way.
download the advance unlocking software from here
  1. install it
  2. run the software
  3. select modem manufacturer
  4. select modem model or leave it blank if you are unsure of the model
  5.  click on the search button and wait for few seconds(takes time)
  6. the modem unlocker software detects the modem and the ports
  7. now on the right side select unlocking
  8. and mark the first bullet
  9. and click on do job
  10. you are done.
you can refer to the screen shot provided here.
huawei modem unlock
huawei modem unlock
after pressing search button on the huawei unlocker you should wait for few seconds until the unlocker responds
huawei modem unlock
huawei modem unlock
then first select the top radio button and then press on the do job button
huawei modem unlock
huawei modem unlock
there is no easier way to unlock any modem or phones easier than this
the modem unlocker software provided here supports a number of manufacturers and models. the list of models are provided within the downloaded zip file
enjoy your unlocked modem without pulling your hair
if you have any problems please comment.

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