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Monday, 28 July 2014

GPGeMMCV1.26 ADDED ISP Samsung I317, Huawei C8950D , Huawei U9200

Added New ISP Phones

Samsung I317
Huawei C8950D
Huawei U9200

Successful Repair phones:
GPGEMMC Box Successfully Unlocked / Repaired / Flashed Phones !!!


VolcanoBox2.7.6 Beta SPD Android Read Flash & Write Flash Much More Improved

What's new ? 

  • Add new arithmetic for "Change MTK's IMEI" in "Android Tools"
  • Adjust "Write Flash" for SPD Android Phone in "Android Tools"
  • Adjust "Read Flash, Write Flash" for SPD 6610 Cpu Phones.
  • Adjust "Read Flash, Write Flash" for SPD 6530 Cpu Phones.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

[Firmwares collection] Micromax Android- All Flash File Only Here [Mega Thread]

Micromax Android- All Flash File Only Here [Mega Thread]

I will try to post here all Micromax Android OG Flasher & File

# if any user need any OG File & Flasher request in this thread i will try to upload as soon as possible.

Index of the Micromax firmwares available in this thread:

Micromax A25
Micromax A26
Micromax Ninja A27
Micromax A30
Micromax A34
Micromax A35
Micromax A44
Micromax A45
Micromax A50 Ninja
Micromax A51 Bolt
Micromax A52
Micromax A54
Micromax A55 Bling 2
Micromax A56
Micromax A57
Micromax A60
Micromax A62
Micromax A65 Smarty
Micromax Bolt A67
Micromax A68
Micromax A70
Micromax A72
Micromax A73 Superfone Buzz
Micromax Canvas Fun A74
Micromax A75
Micromax Canvas Fun A76
Micromax A78 Superfone Gossip
Micromax A80
Micromax A84 Superfone Elite
Micromax A85
Micromax A87 Ninja 4.0
Micromax A88
Micromax A89 Ninja
Micromax A90
Micromax A90S
Micromax A91 Ninja
Micromax A92
Micromax A101
Micromax A100 (Superphone Canvas)
Micromax A110 (Superfone Canvas2)
Micromax A110Q
Micromax A111
Micromax A115
Micromax A116 (Canvas HD)
Micromax Canvas 4 A117
Micromax A210 (Canvas 4)
Micromax A240 Doodle 2
Micromax A250 Canvas Turbo

Micromax Funbook Alpha P250
Micromax Funbook P255
Micromax Funbook Infinity P275
Micromax Funbook P300
Micromax Funbook Talk P350
Micromax Funbook P360
Micromax Funbook P362
Micromax Funbook Mini P410
Micromax Funbook P500
Micromax Funbook P550
Micromax Funbook P560
Micromax Funbook 3G P600
Micromax P650 Canvas Tab

Last Modification Done on 06/03/2014

VolcanoBox Beta 2.7.5 SPD Android Read & Write New Exclusive Method... Check it out !

VolcanoBox 2.7.5 BETA !!

What's new ?

SPD Android READ New Method Beta
SPD Android WRITE New Method Beta

We have discover some thing very interested & we believe it's more powerful than any other box Read/Write ( keep in mind this is not Factory File *.PAC this is Normal Read & Write method ) So i want you guys please test this update..what you want to do is simple read and write from android tool. do not use normal spd tab for this method. you have to use Android Tool then select on SPD and do your work. i am really looking forward for your reports. for this method you don't need to supported test by read info and analize data simply click on read or write and do your work. make sure OLD readed files are not supported for this. you have to read again from working phones and test on faulty phones. This will Support Dozen of Unsupported phones but still may have some phones which could be not supported !!

 as this is beta so try at your own risk !! 
Caution 2: this update will not work on any system which installed any SpyTool or Port Monitoring tool. So if you have installed any please remove it completely and restart system 
Caution 3: Read & Write Speed is slow for now as we gets reports from you we will increase it 


Friday, 18 July 2014

Piranhabox- Release V1.46 MT6575/6577/6589/6592 read/write flash Support/SPD & More

Piranhabox – Most Ferocious Chinese Phones Service Tool 

What's New

Piranha box: V1.46

* .Android - Updater Read Pattern Code

* .Android - Added Clear Face Lock and Clear Sound

* .Android - Updater Unlock

* .MTK - Updater password analysis (MTK flash file/data)

* .MTK - Updater writing flash for 8th Boot

* .MTK - Nand flash read/write updater

* .MTK - Updater format

* .MTK - Added MT6575/6577 read/write flash support

* .MTK - Added MT6589 read/write flash support

* .MTK - Added MT6592 read/write flash support

* .SPD - Added new flash support for SC8810/6820

* .SPD - Added new flash support for 6531

Download here

report here
HCL-V1 2G Connect Pattern Lock Remove Done by Piranha Box
Piranha Box - I9500 MT6572 NAND_NEW_0072 Realy supported (Nead FullFlash)
Coolsand Phone Unlocked So Fast : Piranha Box
Samsung Galaxy Star Pro 7262 Pattern Lock Removed : Piranha Box
Piranhabox - Hummer H1 Root/Wipe DONE
Piranhabox - CDR-king KB901 Tablet Hang Logo solved
Piranhabox - Orig Samsung S5360 PatternLock Not Debug Easy Solved
Piranhabox - Samsung Orig S5282 Hang Logo Solved Easy
Piranhabox - Copy Samsung GT-i9500 Damage Imei Solved No Need Root
Piranhabox - Cherry Mobile SparKtv V0.3 PatternLock Solved
Wing V25 Lock Code Read Done : Piranha Box
Intex Auro Lock Code Read Done : Piranha Box
Micromax A67 Root and Wipe Done : Piranha Box
if you like piranhabox like on facebook page >> click hereDOWNLOAD HERE

Miracle CDMA BOSS 1.1 Addon for Miracle and Eagle

GPGeMMC 1.25 ISP: Desire 300/500 Samsung S7262 & much more. Connectivity Issue Solve

GPGeMMC 1.25 What's new ? 

Added New Pinouts for ISP / Direct Read & Write to eMMC Ic

Samsung S7262 World's 1st
HTC Desire 200 World's 1st
HTC Desire 500 World's 1st
HTC T328D [BlueBoard] World's 1st
LG P930(BETA) World's 1st
Samsung T528D World's 1st

Very Special Thanks to Cemale*****

Added These New eMMC Ic Support:

H26M42001FMR World's 1st
H26M52002CKR World's 1st
H26M64002BNR World's 1st
H26M42001EFR World's 1st


Connectivity Issue Solved ( Some phones not connect with GPGeMMC but Connect fine with other tools is now solved )
Added Volts Checks to verify EMMC Have Hardware issue or Software
Read & Write Speed Improved by 30%
Added Hints if CLK or D0 or any line not Sold properly GPGeMMC software will show you tips it's in beta
Added Changeable VccQ. ( it's not VCC )
Added Support for NEW GPGEMMC Power Adaptor

What is Volts Checks ? 
Whenever you connect any phone and press read info. you will see some thing like this 

Level (V) Vcc  V18 VCCQ D0 CMD CLK
Pullup: 0.73    0.00  0.88 1.37 1.06 1.51
Power on: 2.71  1.78  2.53  1.03  1.87  2.75
Set Low: 2.72 1.78  2.53  0.01  0.04  0.01
Set High: 2.72 1.78  2.53  2.75  2.75  2.75

now you can see when GPGeMMC software try to set low volts and it's get answered well from emmc back low volts see Set Low: 2.72 1.78 2.53 "0.01" "0.04" "0.01" and when GPGeMMC Software tey to set High Volts and it's Get answered well from emmc back high volts see Set High: 2.72 1.78 2.53 "2.75" "2.75" "2.75" this mean your Emmc Ic is ok. but if Software try to set low or high and you get always low or always high readings this mean Emmc ic is Damaged and can't be repairable. some phones which always reply less than V1 volt will not connect with GPGeMMC cause of these are 100% hardwarely Dead ic but other devices can read and can take read info from them which are 100% fake. we can prove that if some one wants. 

What is Changeable VccQ. ?
Vccq is not normal VCC. it's called "output stage logic power voltage" The power pin that is intended to supply power to the output transistors of the device to provide the potential and energy to drive the load applied to the data output (Q) pins or data input/output (DQ) pins. Other, non-data, output transistors may also be designated to be supplied by this power pin. The potential of VCCQ may be specified the same as or different from that of the primary device power pins (VCC). some emmc ic requiring 1.8 VCCQ and 2.8 Vcc and some emmc ic requiring 2.8 VCCQ and 1.8 Vcc so you can see the different results by changing them from Parameters ( upper left corner ) this is very usefull when you are trying to play with any unsupported phone or phone have with different problems. 

New Power Adaptor ?
if you don't have please ask your Reseller... if you buy online from or please ask with your next order or if you want urgent please ask us but for that you have to pay for shipping. if you use power adaptor you make sure you have installed Drivers for New Power Adaptor and Port has been select correctly of New Power Adaptor in JTAG tab. 

Please Feel free to post in this thread if you have any problems or you found some bug we will happy to solve them. We want People from across the word who are really talented and willing to work with us. we will support them to find new pinouts for Jtag and for EMMC. whatever information they need we will provide !! like cemale***** from Turkey.  DOWNLOAD HERE

Saturday, 12 July 2014

AvatorBox/Dongle ver1.0.0.11Brutal resident Update,Huawei,Xperia,Tablets,HTC & More!!

AvatorBox/Dongle ver1.0.0.11Brutal resident Update
Huawei,Xperia,Tablets,HTC & More!!

What's new ?
  • New Features
  • Factory Mode Is Supported For IMEI repair
  • Factory Mode is Supported in Security TAB
  • Factory Mode is Supported in Root TAB
  • Improved & Updated
  • Updated ADB Files
  • Improved Comunication with SmartCard
  • Improved Comunication with Phone
  • Added Support for Windows 8
  • Improved Root Methods [More phones Supported]
  • Improved Repair IMEI procedure for some MTK Android smartphones
  • Added Support For Baseband Unknown & IMEI Null/Null or Invalid IMEI
  • New CPU Supported
  • MT8312/MT8317/MT8125/MT8389/MT6591/MT6592/MT6589/MT6589M
  • Allwinner A10/A13 Supported for Security Features

  • New Models Supported
  • HTC Desire 210
  • HTC Desire 310
  • HTC Desire 616
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note MT6592M
  • TCL Meme Da[344]
  • Karbonn Titanium Hexa
  • Amoi A955T
  • iNew V8
  • Tianhe h920
  • Fairphone 2014,
  • Oppo R819
  • Gigabyte GSmart Maya M1 V2
  • Sony Xperia C
  • Sony S39H
  • Acer Liquid E2
  • Neo N003
  • Ainol Novo 8 Talos
  • BBK Vivo X1S
  • Panasonic P51
  • Pioneer E90w
  • ZTE V987
  • ZTE V982
  • ZTE N986
  • ZTE U956
  • THL W8
  • Amoi N850
  • UMI X2
  • Disney Mobile Magic1 M7007
  • Philips Xenium W8568
  • BenQ F3
  • Gigabyte GSmart Aku A1
  • Lenovo LePhone S750
  • Lenovo P780
  • Lenovo IdeaPhone S820
  • Lenovo A850+
  • Lenovo Legend Gold Fighter S8
  • Lenovo S898T+ 8 GB
  • Lenovo IdeaPhone A820
  • Cloudfone Thrill 530qx
  • Gionee Elife E3
  • Wiko Cink Peax 2
  • Wiko Stairway
  • Blu Dash 4.5 D300/D310
  • Fairphone 2013
  • Philips W9588
  • Philips Xenium W6500
  • Hisense HS-U970
  • Xolo Q600
  • Xolo Q800
  • BLU Studio 5.5
  • Micromax A110Q Canvas 2 Plus
  • Karbonn Titanium S2
  • THL W100
  • Huawei Ascend G610s
  • Huawei Ascend G700s
  • Huawei Ascend Honot 3X
  • Huawei Ascend Honor 3X pro
  • Huawei Ascend HN3
  • Huawei Ascend HN3 3G

AvatorBox/Dongle ver1.0.0.11Brutal resident Update.rar

Test Report
Avator Brutal Key preview!! MT8312 Support Started [] & Enjoy
Alcatel OT-4007 IMEI repair Done!!! [www.AvatorBox] Brutal Out!!
Alcatel OT-4007 IMEI repair Done!!! [www.AvatorBox] Brutal Out!!
World,s 1st Removing pattern,Gmail,security,locks in meta mode by Avatorbox[Tutorial]
Alcatel OT-316A IMEi repair/rebuild []Brutal Power Started!! Buy Now
Qmobile Model M650 Mtk6260 read back read code done Avatorbox speedy like flash light
Coolsand Gresso model M8000,read,Format ,check imei done using jig /perfect ver7.126
12 seconds time smartphone dual imei repair done very neat by avatorbox/combining key
Best Home MID-950!! Reading pattern Lock[Brutal Key] Crash.. Buy NOW
ZTE V882 IMEi repair Successfull!![Bruta Key] Feel the Real power!!!
Samsung Galaxy S4 Remove password Successfull!! brutal Key Up Up!!
Samsung Galaxy S4 [GT-I9505] Root Successfull!! The Future is Now!!
Samsung Galaxy S4 [GT-I9505] Reading Pattern!! Crash Crash & Enjoy!
Avvio PAD 7" 3G/H+ IMEi repair/rebuild Done! []Brutal Key Up! Unique
Moto G!! Pattern lock!!! Brutal Key Power ON!![ Crash Crash ....
Huawei Y300-151 [U8333] Root Done AvatorBox/Dongle ver1.0.0.11Beta Brutal On!!!
★★Security★★ Read/remove Pattern lock In Tablet Allwinner A13[Titan Brand]Brutal Key
AllWinner CPU Security Enable/Disable Supported!! [Pattern/Gmail/Pin/&More]Brutal Key
Telcel Mobiles Are Supported!! [ZTE T20]IMEI repair/rebuild Supported !!Brutal Key Up

Supported repair IMEI No risk .. everything is via Developer [Enable USB Desbugg]
Supported repair IMEI No risk .. In Factory Mode
Supported All MTK SmartPhone for Operations In Factory Mode
Supported are all these variations Mobiles [Dual-SIM or Normal phone/Mono SIM]