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Monday, 13 October 2014

VolcanoBox Module Ver 2.8.6 Added more than 250 HOT Huawei Modems

  • Added Hot Huawei Modems

  • 823F
  • МТС 824FT
  • МТС 423S
  • Megafon M21-4
  • Megafon MR100-3 Russia
  • МТС 823F
  • Huawei E5330
  • Huawei E8231
  • B260
  • B260A
  • B960
  • B970
  • E122
  • E153
  • B153 WebCube
  • E155
  • E1550
  • E1551
  • E1552
  • E1553
  • E155X
  • E156
  • E156B
  • E156C
  • E156G
  • E156X
  • E158
  • E159
  • E159G
  • E160
  • E1609
  • E160E
  • E160G
  • E160X
  • E161
  • E1612
  • E1615
  • E1616
  • E161E
  • E162G
  • E1630
  • E1632
  • E166
  • E166G
  • E169
  • E1690
  • E1692
  • E169G
  • E170
  • E170G
  • E171
  • E172
  • E172G
  • E173
  • E173u-1
  • E1731
  • E1732
  • E1750
  • E1750C
  • E1752
  • E1756
  • E176
  • E1762
  • E176G
  • E177
  • E180
  • E1800
  • E1803
  • E180G
  • E180S
  • E181
  • E1815
  • E182
  • E1820
  • E182E
  • E1823
  • E1831
  • E188
  • E196
  • E216
  • E2010
  • E219
  • E220
  • E226
  • E22X
  • E230
  • E270
  • E271
  • E272
  • E303
  • E3131
  • E3231
  • E3256
  • E3272
  • E3276
  • E352
  • E353
  • E353WS
  • E353WS-2
  • E355
  • E357
  • E3351s-2
  • E3531
  • E5372T
  • E362
  • E367
  • E368
  • E369
  • E372
  • E392
  • E397
  • E398
  • E4011
  • E510
  • E5330
  • E5330As-2
  • E5330Bs-2
  • E5330Bs-6
  • E5331
  • E5331s
  • E5331Ws-1
  • E5332
  • E5332s-2
  • E5336Bs-2
  • E5336Bs-6
  • E5336s-2
  • E5372s-22
  • E5372s-32
  • E5373
  • E5776
  • E5776s
  • E583
  • E5830
  • E5832
  • E5838
  • E583c
  • E585u-82
  • E585v2
  • E586
  • E586e
  • E589
  • E589U
  • E58XX
  • E612
  • E618
  • E620
  • E630
  • E630+
  • E660
  • E660A
  • E800
  • E870
  • E880
  • E960
  • E968
  • E970
  • EG162
  • EG162G
  • EG602
  • EG602G
  • K2540
  • K3515
  • K3517
  • K3520
  • K3562
  • K3565
  • K3710
  • K4510
  • K4511
  • K4605
  • K5005
  • UMG181
  • HiLink

Important note:
Only Volcano Module exe will not able to run. You have to Extract/Copy Volcano Module update files into Volcano YellowStone folder to able to Work fine !! 

VolcanoBox Medule Ver 2.8.5 MTK6589 32Gb Emmc,4G Font limitation,All MTK Improved

What's new ?

  • MTK6589 increased 32G EMMC new flash support.
  • MTK has optimized the read and write flash program, the middle does not need to switch the drive.
  • MTK Android cancel reading 4G font limitation.
  • MTK Android ( Almost All cpu ) Read Flash & Write Flash Makes A Lot Improvements..

Qaiser Mehmood is Going To Madena Manawara ( K.S.A ) if you guys want to meet with him there. Kindly post your details and he will contact you.
Important note:
Only Volcano Module exe will not able to run. You have to Extract/Copy Volcano Module update files into Volcano YellowStone folder to able to Work fine !! 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Super Doctor V2.26c News

Super Doctor V2.26c News

1.Full Support MT6261 Set!!!
*Support Read Flash\Format\Write Flash\Read Password\Change IMEI
2.Full Support MT6571 Set!!!
*Support Read Flash\Format\Write Flash\Change IMEI
3.Support Nokia 220 Mobile Phone Read\Write\Format
5.Adjust MT 6582 Read Flash <Support Read Full Flash File>
4.Fix Some Bugs

News For This Update help:
MTK Last Android CPU MT6571 Support <By Super Doctor(MTK-BOX)III>
The First In the World Add <Auto Switch Hight Rate Port>
Super Doctor(MTK-BOX)III Ver 2.25 Update For MTK6261

The Best Tool for Iphone Password Read!!!
The Iphone Password Full Auto Reader Has Beep Release

IP-BOX for Iphone Passcode and iPhone Disable - It's Fix for you !!! [ TESTED ]

Monday, 6 October 2014

Z3X-SHELL update to 4.7

Z3X Shell v4.7 Update:


- Icons in modules list.
- Notify reseller from hardware wizard now with name, email and message.
- Updating firmware DB now working in background.

Direct SHELL 4.7 LINK

Volcanobox Module Ver 2.8.4 SPD Android Imei, Mtk 6592 Imei & Improments & Happy Eid

VOLCANO Module V2.8.4

  • SPD Android IMEI Change add new cpu supported
  • Adjust SPD 68206820/8810 read/write flash
  • MTK6592 add new flash support
  • Happy Eid  Don't Eat Too Much 

Keep in mind this is Module Update you have copy all files from this update into Yellow Stone Folder !! how to do it. Every thing is posted in support area or you may visit last update for more details 
how_to_Copy_Module_Files_into_YellowStone 4

Saturday, 4 October 2014

VolcanoBox Ver 2.8.3 Volcano YellowStone & Volcano Module Released !!

What's new in VOLCANO Ver 2.8.3 ?

  • MTK6572+EMMC add new flash support
  • Adjust 6530、6531、6620 read/write flash
  • ADB ROOT add new phone models
  • MTK6577 add new flash support
  • Volcano YellowStone 2.8.3
  • Volcano Module 2.8.3

What is Volcano YellowStone and Volcano Module ?

As you guys knows VolcanoBox updates ( Rar Files ) are becoming huge in size. it's getting over 400MB ( in compress format ) and when we extract it. it's goes upto 900Mb. So we split Volcanobox software into two parts. One of them we called Volcano YellowStone and other called Volcano Module. 
Volcano YellowStone have Base Files. means all files which Volcanobox Software needs to run have in Yellow Stone. All Regular updates which we mostly updates are called Volcano Module. so like this you don't have to download huge amount of data every time of update. you just have to have Volcano YellowStone once ( or whenever we update ) Download and save it into your pc and Download just Volcano Module's updates and extract/copy into Volcano YellowStone and over write files that's it. this will save you lot of data to download. Volcano YellowStone is round 320 MB in size and VolcanoBox Modules are just 60~70 MB in size. in every update just download Volcano Module and extract/copy into Volcano YellowStone and you are ready to run. 

In support area Index of ./VolcanoBox/ All previous updates are moved into OLD_UPDATE folder and we make two new folders. one is called Volcano Volcano_YellowStone_(BaseFiles) & other called is Volcano_Module_Regular_Updates. you just have to download ONCE Volcano YellowStone and rest every time have to download updates from Volcano Module. After download make sure you copy/extract Module files into YellowStone folder and overwrite all files. 

Holiday Sessions:
In Pakistan, China, India,& Rest of world have Some festivals.
Muslim brothers have Haj & Eid-Ul-Adha & Mostly Muslims will not do work so, Congrats to All Muslims are Happy EID. Just request Don't eat too much 
Hindu Brothers have Durga Pooja & Mostly Hindus will not do work so, Wish you happy Durga Pooja
China have Chongyang, they also don't do work so let them Celebrate and Cut Cakes.
also Don't forget X-Mass is coming next month.
8 oct mostly Team members will back on work so till that Enjoy your self 
Wish you Happy Life 

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

ATF v11.70 Update!! Public Discussion Thread

Release Date: September 30, 2014
Firmware Version Required : 11.0.00
ATF Box USB Driver Required: - Windows 7/8/8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
ATF Box USB Driver Required: - Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit)

ATF Network NEW SERVERS--> Uses Secure OpenSSL
--> Automatically Installs OpenSSL DLLs for 32-bit and 64-bit Machines
--> Optional "Add ATF Servers to Windows hosts File" button
--> Fixed BroadCom Authorize Phone
--> Fixed Auto Update Files


Added Nokia Lumia WP8.1 and Android Dead Boot Repair via eMMC (September 2014 Files)

(ALL First In The World)Lumia 630 RM-974 01061.00057.14212.40007 4-WIRES ONLY
Lumia 630 RM-976 01061.00042.14174.39005 4-WIRES ONLY
Lumia 630 DS RM-977 01061.00042.14174.39006 4-WIRES ONLY
Lumia 630 DS RM-978 01061.00066.14235.36003 4-WIRES ONLY
Lumia 630 DS RM-979 01061.00042.14174.39001 4-WIRES ONLY
Lumia 635 RM-975 01061.00074.14271.30100 4-WIRES ONLY
Lumia 636 4G RM-1027 01061.00064.14233.03001 4-WIRES ONLY
Lumia 638 4G RM-1010 01061.00062.14216.44001 4-WIRES ONLY

Lumia 530 RM-1017 01068.00023.14295.43001 4-WIRES ONLY
Lumia 530 RM-1018 01068.00023.14295.43002 4-WIRES ONLY
Lumia 530 DS RM-1019 01068.00023.14295.43003 4-WIRES ONLY
Lumia 530 DS RM-1020 01068.00023.14295.43002 4-WIRES ONLY

Lumia 929 RM-927 1028.3566.1417.0047 4-WIRES ONLY

Lumia 930 RM-1045 02061.00066.14353.31008 4-WIRES ONLY
Lumia 930 RM-1087 02061.00066.14353.31002 4-WIRES ONLY

Lumia 1520 RM-937 1028.3562.1402.0018 4-WIRES ONLY
Lumia 1520 RM-938 1028.3562.1402.0001 4-WIRES ONLY
Lumia 1520 RM-939 1028.3562.1402.0002 4-WIRES ONLY
Lumia 1520 RM-940 1028.3562.1407.1001 4-WIRES ONLY

(For Demonstration Purposes Only... ALL SM-G7102 can be UNBRICKED via SDC)
Samsung SM-G7102 Galaxy Grand 2 4.4.2 G7102XXUBNH6 4-WIRES ONLY

*** Take note that "via eMMC" Files are 100% FREE and NO NEED ACTIVATION!

eMMC Tool 2.8 PRO--> Added CPU Type: "QUALCOMM HALT Type 1"
-----> Very Usefull for NEW Samsung Phones with MSM8974, MSM8226.
-----> Requires only 4 WIRES to Solder to the Phone
-----> NO NEED TO Solder anything to VccQ and Vcc
-----> Tested on SM-G7102 and SM-G7106
--> Added CPU Type: "QUALCOMM HALT Type 2"
-----> Very Usefull for Phones detected as QHUSB_DLOAD/VIP_05C6&PID_9008
-----> Requires only 4 WIRES to Solder to the Phone
-----> NO NEED TO Solder anything to VccQ and Vcc

*** Make sure both RED (CLK) and YELLOW (RCLK) are Connected Together in order to
*** for these new Qualcomm Halt Types to WORK.

For Phones with new eMMC 4.5 and RCLK Support, please make sure you use
YELLOW (RCLK) on the correct TP to ensure correct timing. Example on phone
like SM-P605.

Samsung Unbrick Image Creator 2.2--> Fixed Bug about not allowing 8GB cards for 8GB Phones
--> Added APQ8060 and APQ8060A Support for SDC Image Creator
----> Tested on SCH-i200 - Unbricked via SDC

*** Not ALL APQ8060/APQ8060A Phones are supported for SDC Unbrick
*** Only Phones with GUID Partition Tables are supported

New SDC Files Added:

Download Them via 4Shared
SAMSUNG SDC FILES by Linus H. - 4shared

[Nokia Android]--> Added New VID/PID for newer Nokia Android Phones
--> Automatically BLOCKS V2 Flash Files when V1 LIVE Phone is Detected

[BB5 Updates]
--> Faster Nokia BB5 SL3 Authorize Phone

ATF JTAG 1.0.12 Build 5634

Release Date: September 30, 2014
Firmware Version Required : LogiCore 11.0.00


Change Log
--> Uses new ATF Servers
--> Added Support for APQ8060/APQ8060A CUSTOM Read Write eMMC
--> Added Support for External 4.0v Power on VBATT for Phones which need Battery during JTAG
----> Very Useful for APQ8060/APQ8060A Samsung LTE Phones
----> Just Connect RJ-45 PIN 1 (VBATT) to Battery (+) of Phone
--> Fixed HALT Timing for newer MSM8225/MSM8225Q SOC Revisions
----> This will now work on Nokia X, XL and X+ which was "No Devices Found" Before
--> Added ALL BOOT Versions for BOOT REPAIR Nokia X, XL and X+ (via JTAG)

Added for Nokia (All First In The World):

Nokia X RM-980 [10.0.3] [FULL BOOT]
Nokia X RM-980 [11.1.1] [FULL BOOT]
Nokia X RM-980 [] [FULL BOOT]
Nokia X RM-980 [] [FULL BOOT]
Nokia X RM-980 [] [FULL BOOT]
Nokia X RM-980 [] [FULL BOOT]

Nokia X V2 RM-980 [] [FULL BOOT] <--- For V2 Phones ONLY!!!
Nokia X V2 RM-980 [] [FULL BOOT] <--- For V2 Phones ONLY!!!

Nokia X RM-981 [] [FULL BOOT]
Nokia X RM-981 [] [FULL BOOT]
Nokia X RM-981 [] [FULL BOOT]

Nokia X+ RM-1053 [] [FULL BOOT]
Nokia X+ RM-1053 [] [FULL BOOT]

Nokia XL RM-1030 [] [FULL BOOT]
Nokia XL RM-1030 [] [FULL BOOT]
Nokia XL RM-1030 [] [FULL BOOT]
Nokia XL RM-1030 [] [FULL BOOT]
Nokia XL RM-1030 [] [FULL BOOT]
Nokia XL RM-1030 [] [FULL BOOT]

Nokia XL V2 RM-1030 [] [FULL BOOT] <--- For V2 Phones ONLY!!!
Nokia XL V2 RM-1030 [] [FULL BOOT] <--- For V2 Phones ONLY!!!

Nokia XL RM-1042 [] [FULL BOOT]
Nokia XL RM-1042 [] [FULL BOOT]

Added for Samsung:

SGH-i727 FULL BOOT 4.1.2
SGH-i200 FULL BOOT 4.1.2 - (First In The World)

*** You can download these Files via ATFJ.exe ---> Help ---> Updates 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

VolcanoBox2.8.2 Imporved Blackberry Connectivity & Added Support For New Flash Ic

What's new ?

  • Improved BlackBerry Connection 
  • MTK6592 added new flash support
  • SPD 6820 added new flash support
  • ADB ROOT added new phone models

Help Us to Add more things in Volcano.... Simply Recommend VolcanoBox to your all Friends... More We Sale.... More New Things We ADD... So Every thing is now in your hand... If you want we add many more things help us in SALE...

BlackBerry updateDOWNLOAD HERE